The Benson Boys

The Benson Boys
A glimpse into the lives of our three boys (one big guy and two little guys)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Mitch did such an OUTSTANDING job in the junior high play, Edelweiss. Seriously, he was fantastic! Kind of even stole the show a little bit I would say. He was the heartthrob, once again,... but a MEAN heartthrob this time! He played Kurt, a leader of Nazi youth. We are very much looking forward to continuing to watch Mitchell perform next year in the Buffalo High School performances!


Nothing major going on around here lately, but with how busy I have been taking pictures of OTHER peoples kids, I have been  TRYING to stay somewhat on top of taking pictures of my own as well! Here is a bunch of randomness we have been up to while patiently waiting to for tax season to be over (TODAY) and dad to be home every evening again.

A game of Hullabaloo - no idea why Grant has one sock and no pants on, but it's nothing too out of the ordinary.

Taking turns at Angry Birds...

Joel trying to ride down the hill on a skateboard.

 ... and on a sled, that is on a skateboard... it did not work, as you probably would have guessed:)
 Shooting hoops has been big with all the boys this spring.

Friday, March 30, 2012

worms worms worms

We had a wet week recently and it was ALL about worms around here. I had to allow plenty of extra time in the morning for the boys to be outside playing with the worms before preschool, since they were usually gone by the late morning, retreating back into the ground. Joel was my main worm man, Grant reluctedly followed along, but always remembered to tell me that he was going to need to wash his hands after he touched the worms:)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lincoln is 9 and Jayna is 6!

We had a GREAT day this past Sunday in St. Cloud celebrating Lincoln and Jayna's birthdays. It is one of the boys' very favorite places to go and Sunday was no exception and it was even better that it was OUTDOOR weather for the first time I ever remember in mid-March for their party.

Cakes that were requested this year were "Cowgirl Cake" and "Tebow Cake". I think I managed to meet the requests and I was even done with the cakes several days in advance and just had to grab them out of the freezer the morning of the party! That is a first I think:)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Winter Walk

When did we go from waiting for winter to REALLY start, to the first day of spring next week! What a winter this was, I don't EVER remember one like it. SO mild and SO little snow, it is honestly hard to believe it is over. Signs of spring are all around now and I LOVE the season of running out the door without jackets, boots, mittens, snowpants, etc... bring it on!

The Barn

And this is what my children do with the nice barn that their grandmother bought for them... they have set scotch tape traps for the superheros and they have all been captured and are hanging upside down in the traps!!! Do you think they are all boy enough!?! or what...

Things to not forget

Why is is ALWAYS to easy to see everything from such a perfect perspective at the end of the day when the kids are fast asleep:) The perspective I am speaking of is the one that allows you to see all the little things that you take for granted all day (or even drive you crazy all day) as the perfect little details of life that you don't ever want to forget.  Some things I don't ever want to forget from last week...
Grant, with his Teddy and Blanket, I can't imagine I would ever forget what he looks like all cuddled up with it, perfectly safe and secure with the items that we specifically chose (one of which was waiting for him in his crib before he was even born) for him, hopefully to make him feel just that way... perfectly safe and secure

... and the scratches on his face, of which we don't know where they came from, but that is SO not uncommon for this child, he has been bumped and bruised since very early on:)

And Joel, who always looks like an angel when he sleeps with perfectly rosy cheeks and hair always going straight up... tell me I won't ever forget this stuff!

Their pajama shirts laying on their dresser... they must have decided after we put them to sleep to take them off and the both tossed them on over... this is pretty much nightly for Joel:)

Joel's Mt Dew chap stick, which we got from the dollar spot at Target this morning and he has been obsessed with all day. He always has to make sure the Mt Dew symbol is properly lined up when he puts the cap back on.

Joel must have tossed his blanket down too...

The tub of Aquaphor cream I am have been putting on joel under his lip for over a month, where his skin is all chapped from him constantly licking it.